Brenda iPadMy name is Brenda Bakker, expert in the field of drawing and lettering using the app Procreate on the Apple iPad.

We are currently still working on this site, which has been specially created for my workshops in the Digital Theater at the KreaDoe fair from November 1st til 5th 2023. You should be able to book the workshops here very soon.

For more information about KreaDoe, please click here to read the article 'KreaDoe Digital Theater' on this site.

For more information about my workshops during KreaDoe, please click here.

Mijn social media

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  • On my YouTube channel I have several videos in which I explain about Procreate. For example, there is a series of 26 hand letter videos, 1 video per letter of the alphabet.

    Please click here to go to my YouTube channel (opens in a new tab)

  • On Instagram I post most of my work as a photo, sometimes a reel with a tutorial or a teaser of what I'm working on at that moment. In the Stories I show more of my daily activities and often make the announcements there.

    Click here to go to my Instagram page (opens in a new tab).

  • On Facebook I have several communities where you as a member can ask questions, find information and post your work. The Dutch group was initially created for hand lettering with Procreate, but gradually more and more people get into drawing. The English group was created by Jennifer Nichols and myself, mainly to help our (future) students.

    - Click here for the 'Dutch Procreate Lettering' group (in Dutch)
    - Click here for the 'Procreate Art Community' group (in English)