brenda obsMy name is Brenda Bakker and I'm a Procreate addict. I would like to share the pleasure I get from working with Procreate with everyone! This is also the reason why I eventually started giving workshops and lessons. You can find my lessons on Skillshare so far, but on my own YouTube channel there are some nice How To videos that you can watch for free.

I am a very creative person. Often bored quickly, but with this hobby I've been busy for over 5 years now. Drawing on my iPad is an important part of my daily life for me. I mainly draw for fun and to relax and clear my head. I am known for my drawing style where my drawings are made digitally but look like they were made on paper. That is really the result I strive for. Because although I really like to draw digitally myself, I personally think that when a drawing looks too digital and too perfect, it is less sparkling and expressive for me. Less perfect has more charms for me personally. So sometimes I deliberately leave some charming mistakes and wobbly lines in my work.

How it all got started? I started with hand lettering and I think the advantage of working digitally is that you can keep playing with your design. Later I started drawing more. The beauty of digital drawing is that you can try, practice and learn endlessly without it costing a lot of expensive materials and paper. As a frugal Dutchman, I felt much freer and less guilty when I was just trying out everything. On the iPad I especially like to try out everything digitally. Nice and digital, but with watercolor, acrylic or just nice and illustrative with a pencil look. The possibilities are almost endless!

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